How to make a brooch / Berlin, April 2020

I would like to encourage both adults and children, who have been stuck inside due to coronavirus, to reconsider the nature around them. Children can play in so many different ways outside, and adults can rediscover the small joys of simply being in nature. I made this video, “How to make a brooch”, in hope that it encourages all of us to step outside and reconnect with our surroundings.

【About a single flower vase brooch】
The idea is simply to adorn yourself with flowers or plants that you have picked up in parks or forests. By keeping them in a single flower vase brooch, you can continue to treasure their ongoing beauty.

Project created & directed by Natsuko Mizushima

Camera & Edit: Mizuki Kin
Music: “selbst” by Henning Schmiedt
Sound Design: Satoshi Okamoto | sub-tle.
Illustration & A boy: Kian v.d.Ree
Text Edit: Allan Fitzpatrick & Matilda Lucy