Natsuko Mizushima v.d.Ree

Behaimstr. 30
13086 Berlin, Germany

+49 (0) 178 4108 212


Berlin based, Japanese born Natsuko Mizushima v.d.Ree is a freelance designer with many years experience of working with a diverse range of organizations. Alongside working as a designer, she handcrafts objects and accessories for l’île d’eau.

水島なつこは、ベルリン在住のデザイナー。2017年よりフリーランスとして活動中。これまでに様々な企業・クライアントを相手に経験を積む傍ら、ハンドクラフト「l’île d’eau」のオブジェやアクセサリーなどの製作も行う。

about aiüo

Inspired by the differences between people, ideas and opinions aiüo, read “aiueo” like the Japanese “abcde”, is a versatile space with a focus on great design. Collaboration and communication are at the heart of aiüo as it promotes creativity and breaks down borders.